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BIOROCK S-Series - a cheaper, cleaner, safer, foolproof solution

A unique system for cleaning domestic waste water - more on how it works

Ecologically superior sewage treatment

Purification results for BIOROCK-S













Tests conform to EU Norm. EN 12566-3

Testing Institute: PIA Aachen (Germany)

Superb effluent quality - 99% reduction in pollutants

Ideal for holiday homes with long shut-down periods & quick start-ups

No smells  - its an aerobic process!

You can easily convert a traditional septic tank or cesspit into a first class sewage treatment plant

Re-use 100% of ALL your household waste water

NO electricity bills & completely silent

3 to 4 year emptying interval

Total flexibility - from a house to a hotel

The BioRock  treatment plants range in size from 4 P.E.  to over 400 P.E. (Population Equivalent or number of habitants). The fool-proof BIOROCK-S units are available in 5, 10 & 15 person systems or in multiples to serve larger populations - for hotels, safari lodges & camp sites

This is the next generation of waste water technology, in line with worldwide environmental legislation. 20 years of successfully solving waste water problems have put BIOROCK at the forefront of waste water solutions.

Worldwide sales

With over 30,000 units sold in more than 75 countries, BIOROCK® provides an ecologically superior sewage treatement solution.

Continuously tested for years - EN 12566-3 2005 CE Certification

BIORock_How it works

BIOROCK Compact Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

The first compact sewage treatment plant in the world without electricity and moving parts - zero energy & fool proof technology.

The BIOROCK-S series units are packaged domestic waste water treatment plants, providing a consistent high quality effluent that meets the highest standards.

Due to the high quality of the treated effluent produced it can be discharged into water courses or re-used. All your household water can be recycled into your irrigation system.

Allows Recycling of Wastewater