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Plantas de terra seca  - Dry land plants

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About Us

Succulents offer us an incredible range of flowers types and colours

With a very little care they are generally easy to grow and look after.

We have a small nursery in the East Algarve specialising in plants for dry landscapes such as those of Southern Portugal and Spain. Here we propagate and grow our own plants in conditions they are likely to experience when they are planted out. Many years of practical experience and experimentation have taught us what will and will not grow in these varied and sometimes harsh conditions.

There is a huge range of Mediterranean dry land plants so we cannot hold a stock of all of them. For this reason we also supply plants from other specialist growers within the Iberian peninsula.


Cotyledon “Macrantha”

Echeveria imbricata

Aloe x nobilis

Lampranthus sp.