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No moving parts, no electricity, no noise, no smell

Simple, natural, efficient

The BIOROCK-S series units are packaged domestic wastewater treatment plants, providing a consistent high quality effluent that meets the highest standards.

The BIOROCK® S Series system functions as a two stage Sewage Treatment Plant. The raw sewage first enters a primary settlement tank to provide pre-separation and initial breakdown of organic solids. The sewage then passes through an effluent filter before discharging into the BIOROCK treatment tank, this incorporates the aerobic filtration process.

The primary tank retains any non-degradable material, heavy particles sink to the bottom, while floating items remain on the surface.

Two stage treatment - Primary settlement tank + BIOROCK Unit

The waste water purification process is completely biological. The BIOROCK® units use many of the same water purification processes and principles encountered in nature. Useful bacteria are responsible for degrading the pollutants and these grow on the inside of the special BIOROCK® Media. These microorganisms are already present in the wastewater and are stimulated by presence of special pre-impregnated enzymes.

100% Natural Process using naturally occurring aerobic bacteria

The all-biological treatment process takes place within the BIOROCK® trickling filter. The aerobic bacteria, which proliferate within the media, require oxygen. Their metabolism removes the pollutants.  Natural ventilation supply's air and provides oxygen by means of the innovative draft system through the tanks and BIOROCK media.

Two chimneys made from normal PVC drainage pipes provide an airflow through both tanks. These can be connected to the house drainage system if it is vented, or built separately close to the tanks.

Biological system using aerobic bacteria

BIOROCK-S units 
Small sewage treatment plants

All the treated water is discharged from the bottom of the BIOROCK unit.

This can flow out by gravity directly into a catchment  pit, into a water course or it can be pumped to a higher level or into a storage tank for irrigation.

Water Discharge


With gravity outlet

BIOROCK animation

waste water

pure as nature

With a pump outlet

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